Can Numerology calculate my future time of death?Arrow Icon
Although a numerologist makes the calculations, not numerology itself, such a prediction is nigh impossible. However, it is possible to calculate a critical point in life when the risk of such an event is particularly high. Numerology calculates the scenario of a person’s life, but external energy forces can change the conditions of this scenario at any time. When this happens, only God knows what will happen next.
How does your algorithm account for the fact that there is a large number of various schools of numerology?Arrow Icon
Different schools of numerology are combined in our algorithm so as to complement each other with information on various issues and reveal all the details of a particular area of a person's life or an aspect of his or her personality. The algorithm includes many mathematically precise formulas that are utilized by our calculator when performing numerological calculations. After entering the data and processing it, the program generates a complete report for the user, written in a structured and easily understandable manner.
How do I make sure I am in good health?Arrow Icon
Numerology can be used to calculate your inherent health potential at birth. Everything that can be acquired is subject to mathematical calculation. The use of elements, color, graphs, cycles, and other data is the exploitation of energy. While some mechanisms can give you energy, you need to make sure that others do not take it away. Often people themselves are the underlying cause of their own poor health: no matter how much is given to them, it will never be enough. Let's imagine that with the help of the Metal element that is in a person’s horoscope, the flow of energy was increased by a thousand units. That person, feeling healthy and strong, goes to work in Italy in the marble mines, where they would lose two thousand units of energy. Thus, the lack of vitality can only increase in this scenario. Conclusion: how to achieve good health can be calculated and thus, can be attained. The only problem is that it must not be lost once gained. To accomplish this, quite a few nuances must be taken into account.
How do planets relate to numerology?Arrow Icon
There is a clear connection between them because the planets are beacons of energy flows. The birth chart indicates the position of these beacons at a given time.
How important are the numbers to a person’s fate?Arrow Icon
Numbers accompany our lives from birth, as we receive identification numbers even from the government: passport, identity card, tax number, etc. They have a numeric code that has a huge impact on our destiny. For example, there are unlucky license plate numbers, such as 042 or 024, which indicate an imminent death, and can provoke frequent accidents. It's the same with names. It is not uncommon for a sick person to be healed after changing their name.
How many "numerologies" are there? Which one is the best?Arrow Icon
There are many varying schools of numerology. A short summary of them can be found here. They all use different systems to make different calculations. Our algorithm combines the systems of all numerological schools into a unified resource.
How to calculate the name of a child?Arrow Icon
It is preferable that the mother gives the child a name. It is also necessary to choose several options, for example, by looking at the Christian Orthodox calendar or one that corresponds to your faith. Consider the family lineage as well. After that, you can order an assessment on our website, and select the one that will be the most successful out of the ones you have chosen.
I'm thinking of buying a car. How do I calculate the right time to do this?Arrow Icon
This can be with the help of our algorithm, which calculates the most favorable dates to make large purchases, such as an apartment or a car, and can be done within a few seconds. If you subscribe to our personalized horoscope, you can receive a list of all important dates every week. These dates aren’t only limited to purchases and can be used to establish other favorable solutions. Moreover, you can choose the calculation period yourself.
Is numerology a science?Arrow Icon
Yes, it is the science of numbers. Numerology gained worldwide popularity relatively recently, near the end of the 20th century. Although its roots go back to the distant past, the public's attention only returned to numerology when people began to notice an ever-growing volume of numerical coincidences. At the same time, it was established that some events in life heavily depend on numbers and numerologists reemerged. Since time immemorial, numbers and their combinations have echoed with literal meanings. Ancient philosophers and mathematicians understood each other perfectly. Mathematicians of days old, such as Aristotle or Pythagoras, were engaged not only in digital calculations but also in philosophical meditation. The first mentions of numerology appeared in the 5th century BCE. The founder is considered to be Pythagoras, who everyone has heard of in grade school. It was Pythagoras who became the first to combine mathematical knowledge of ancient peoples (Phoenicians, Egyptians, Arabs, Druids, etc.) with the true essence of people’s personalities and subconsciousness. Before him, only enlightened priests were privy to the knowledge of numerology, as mathematics was considered almost a miraculous gift from the Gods, since learning to write and count were difficult endeavors.
Is Numerology worth believing?Arrow Icon
As a science with an ancient history – of course! It all depends on your choice of the source.
My forecast predicted wealth, but there isn’t. Why not?Arrow Icon
Every forecast calculation relates to probability and timing. For example, if we calculate everything for an entire lifetime, then we get the most likely scenario for a specific person on Earth. But if there is an energetic opening or an intervention by the Higher Forces, then the scenario will follow a new path at a certain point. Consequently, the calculation will then need to be adjusted. More often than not, people born in October with an excellent birth chart and people who aren’t too lazy to ignore the "signs", can count on receiving inherent wealth. But for other signs, it is also possible to find oneself “in the right place, at the right time”, but the scenario of how exactly this will happen is unknown. The scenario’s designer can be both God and the Devil, which is why it is impossible to say whether this sudden wealth is a good thing or not. Temptations and trials will establish whether the long-awaited wealth has come into your life permanently or if it is just a fleeting phase.
Numerology or Psychology?Arrow Icon
Numerology and psychology are closely related. In psychoanalysis, numerology can help uncover hidden phobias and perceived psychological disorders. Numerology can even solve problems that are beyond the power of psychology because many root causes lie in our past incarnations.
Numerology: truth or nonsense?Arrow Icon
Mathematical formulas: truth or nonsense? Each substance has unique proportions of components, an ideal house can only be built through correct algebraic and geometric calculations and well-executed projects. Numbers surround us everywhere and bring order to our lives, even if we don’t realize it.
What is numerology?Arrow Icon
Numerology is the ancient esoteric science of numbers, which explains a system of knowledge about their relationship with physical objects, processes, and human life. The calendar calculates time by day, month, and year. At the same time, everything in nature is measured by certain quantities and proportions that are expressed with the help of numbers. We use numbers to orient ourselves in space (latitude, longitude) and time (minutes, seconds, hours). Art and other disciplines also adhere to numeric principles.Numerology accompanies us everywhere in life. There is not a single aspect of life where numbers don’t appear directly or indirectly. The fate of a person is also connected to them, from the date of his or her birth to the time of death. This is why philosophers and astrologers have used numerology in their forecasts since ancient times, and use them to calculate fate.
What questions can be answered using numerology and BaZi?Arrow Icon
With the help of numerology and BaZi calculations, you can receive a forecast for the future, information about your past lives, and gain an understanding of your Soul. Using the individual data of your date of birth, you can get answers to all your questions regarding fate, relationships with others, family, love, and children, as well as your career, finances, health, and amount of luck in life.And these aren’t the only things that numbers can give answers to!