Can Feng Shui save a failing marriage or prevent a business from going under?Arrow Icon
Yes and no. If the forms and stars represent complete chaos and misfortune, then it doesn't matter what you do to correct the situation. These efforts will be futile. Some places are simply beyond saving. Therefore, the only solution in such cases is to move to a more suitable location. If you can change your immediate environment so that it becomes harmonious, filled with energy and love, then you can expect favorable results.
Does Feng Shui require major rearrangements in my home or office?Arrow Icon
Not at all! A competent Feng Shui specialist will always be able to find the most budgetary way to repel the poisonous arrows of Sha Qi (the corners of houses aimed at a building) and to activate good Feng Shui. The fact of the matter is that in this practice, there are a lot of dimensions to consider, which is why it is often simply impossible to understand and foresee everything at once. The process heavily relies on common sense. Even a subtle change in the direction of your sleeping or resting location can redirect the wind of luck. There is no need to make huge changes to utilize the benefits of Feng Shui. Energy lines are quite elusive. Think of it like a TV signal: often a slight change in the orientation of an antenna is enough to completely ruin or drastically improve the picture quality. A similar principle applies to Feng Shui.
Can Feng Shui be practiced without using the Luopan compass?Arrow Icon
Yes and no. While using a Luopan, or geomantic is excellent, a different, but accurate compass can also help. However, you cannot practice Feng Shui without a tool that can measure the back and front of the house.
Can Feng Shui bring me wealth?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui can help you create a harmonious environment that positively affects your health, mental clarity, and alertness. In such an environment, you will have the energy and wisdom to handle a wide variety of challenges, including increasing your cash flow.Good Feng Shui will not bring you wealth if you’re not seeking it, but it can give you the motivation you need to achieve fame and fortune.
How does Feng Shui work?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui advocates living in harmony with the Earth's environment and its energy lines so that everything that is created is in balance with the forces of nature. Feng Shui claims that the atmosphere is permeated with invisible, yet powerful, lines of energy, some of which are beneficial while others are harmful. These energies can bring discord or harmony, health or sickness, prosperity, or loss. The practice of Feng Shui is associated with the wise use and accumulation of beneficial energy lines, which the Chinese refer to as “taming the cosmic breath of the Dragon.”
How do I know if my home doesn’t have good Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
You can find out the hard way if the Feng Shui in your home isn’t great if you run into a series of setbacks and misfortunes soon after you move to a new residence. For example, if all your family members keep getting sick one after the other, you suddenly lose your job, get involved in an accident, or run into other troubles for no apparent reason.However, you should also keep in mind that sometimes you can be frequented by failures as a result of an unfavorable period in your individualized astrological chart. However, if all the people that live in the same house as you keep running into trouble, then it would make sense to verify if there is any negative impact of the Feng Shui in your home. Typically, such changes often occur during the changing periods of Feng Shui, for example, with the onset of the Lunar New Year.
Is Feng Shui always effective?Arrow Icon
Yes. If used correctly, Feng Shui will always have a positive effect on the conditions of your life and work. However, Feng Shui should not be regarded as a magic panacea that solves all problems. Don't forget that Feng Shui is just one aspect of the triune of Luck. If you are not destined to become a great businessman, Feng Shui will help you attain some wealth, but it will not make you fabulously rich. The bigger picture depends on your Heavenly Luck. If you have good Feng Shui in your home, you will find yourself becoming increasingly busy. Every now and then you will encounter great opportunities to improve your standard of living or income. You must create your own Human Luck by utilizing these opportunities.
Is Feng Shui a religion?Arrow Icon
No. Feng Shui has no religious basis. Some "Feng Shui masters" claim to have gained their knowledge from Buddhist monks. However, such statements are likely untrue as real Buddhists are prohibited from practicing Feng Shui or any other kind of fortune-telling.
Is there a career sector in a house? Some say that this is the northern sector of the house, while others believe that the sector nearest the entrance to the house is responsible for career success.Arrow Icon
The whole building must be taken into account, not just a single section of it. If the stars responsible for wisdom and decisiveness are utilized correctly, success will surely follow in both a student’s learning prowess and an adult’s career. The north promotes wisdom, but there are other aspects to it. The entrance to a home is of immense importance and is responsible for more than just career achievements.
My houseplants wither and die. Is this because of bad Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
Yes. If you place indoor plants in places where there are sunlight, fresh air, an absence of harmful energy (Sha Qi), a suitable humidity level, and a comfortable temperature, then they will have no reason for poor plant growth. Remember: what is bad for plants is also bad for you! Consequently, you need to find the cause and fix it in order to "cure" your home.
What if I cannot afford to make the necessary changes to improve the Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
For situations that require radical changes in room furnishings or structures, you can use purely formulaic Feng Shui methods, unless there is a mountain in your front yard. In such cases, there is nothing left to do but completely reorient the house. Keep in mind, however, that simply rearranging work chairs and sleeping places in the appropriate directions can lead to some amazing benefits.
What is Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui literally translates to Wind and Water and is the Taoist practice of symbolic space exploration. It is the East Asian version of geomancy. With the help of Feng Shui, you can establish the best place to build a house or select a good burial place, correctly arrange furniture and choose an interior design option that maximizes the success in a person's life. Also, certain events can be predicted using Feng Shui. The purpose of Feng Shui is to search for optimal Qi energy flows and utilize them for the benefit of a person and to achieve a balance of energy.
What is Heavenly Luck, Earthly Luck, and Human Luck?Arrow Icon
In modern terms, it is simply Time, Space, and Events. At certain times, certain events occur in the Universe which affects every person. On a large scale, this can be the birth and destruction of stars, while on smaller scales a given value of the time variable will affect a certain functional value in the equation of people’s luck. This is what is referred to as Heavenly Luck. Different places in the universe are influenced by different conditions. On a small scale, this means that opportunities vary widely in different parts of the world. If we scale down to the individual level, it means that a person's geolocation determines quite a lot in his or her life. This is called Earthly Luck. Feng Shui also affects people's well-being. What a person does leads to this or that result. The decision that is made at the crossroad determines the outcome. This is Human Luck. Heavenly Luck is beyond our control. We simply have to come to terms with this fact. Some people are born lucky, while others must work hard to achieve success and recognition. Earthly Luck and Human Luck, on the other hand, we can control. If a person works hard and performs noble deeds, then their achievements can be exceptional with the help of Feng Shui, even if there is little Heavenly Luck on their side.
Why is Feng Shui so popular in the West?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui is just one of several amazing disciplines that explain the interaction between the body, mind, and the surrounding environment. The current popularity of Feng Shui in Western cultures reflects the expansion of knowledge about Chinese culture and philosophy. People are beginning to realize that there are alternative possibilities and various ways of interacting with the Universe. They are beginning to understand how energy works, moves and affects our well-being. People are starting to comprehend the perspective that Feng Shui can be considered an auxiliary tool, the development of which will help to understand the tools of influencing fate with the help of the surrounding environment. This is why Feng Shui uses symbolic language to interpret and shape energies in our immediate environment, as it opens up new horizons in understanding the spirituality of space.