About us
The Code of Samsara algorithm was created by leading experts in the fields of information technology, numerology, astrology, and others.
The Code of Samsara allows you to accurately decode information about the human soul, karma and fate.
Our software uses a unique algorithm founded on the vast amounts of esoteric knowledge that humanity has been accumulating since the dawn of civilization.
Numerology schools, western and eastern astrology, tarology, and regressology are among them.
The free version of our analysis provides you with a basic overview and understanding of how we can help you.
Once you’ve created a personal account and have chosen a payment plan that’s right for you, you’ll gain access to the most in-depth and thorough review of your personality and compatibilities available today.
About numerology
Numerology is an esoteric science that studies the connections between numbers and the past, present, future, karma, and personality traits.
An individual’s name and date of birth are unique and this information is essential for numerological calculations.
Code of Samsara’s method of decoding is based on the following numerological schools:
🏺 Western numerology and the Map of Pythagoras;
⛩ Chinese numerology: Lo-Shu grid (mantic square), 64 hexagrams (I Ching);
🏔 Tibetan numerology: the mark of fate and karma of Meva;
🕉 Indian numerology: Vedic school, caste, and planetary system;
👪 Chaldean numerology: numerology of name and surname;
🏵 Slavic numerology: priestly square, chakra square;
🃏 Taronumerology: numerology in Tarot cards.
About Chinese Astrology
Chinese astrology is an esoteric science that studies how Human Beings connect with the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. It consists of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Additional, vital parts of Chinese astrology are the concept of Yin and Yang, as well as the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.
Numerology focuses on basic details about a person, such as their full name and date of birth. It also depends on the time of birth, place of birth, and gender.
Code of Samsara’s decoding methodology for Chinese Astrology is founded on four Chinese astrological schools:
🏯 BaZi: Four Pillars of Fate, Ten Measures of Fortune, Twelve Palaces;
🏮 Qi Men Dun Jia: Luck Activation;
☯️ Feng Shui: Taoist teaching about the harmony of human living space.