How clear will your forecast be to an ordinary person?Arrow Icon
Our forecasts are written in the most easily accessible language and aren’t loaded with useless and incomprehensible terms.
How dangerous is numerology or astrology?Arrow Icon
There is no danger to speak of. On the contrary, numerological and astrological calculations provide knowledge that helps influence a person’s fate and reveal their true potential.
How does one distinguish a competent specialist?Arrow Icon
A competent specialist doesn’t try to scare you with dire predictions but instead gives you ways to solve life's problems. If you come across someone who talks about death at a specific time, then you’ve met a charlatan – run! With astrology, numerology, or any other discipline, it is impossible to calculate the time of death. You can, however, recognize periods when the risks are high and when there will be dangerous obstacles on the way. Moreover, there may be several such periods, but how they play out and what will happen after they’re over depends entirely on you. Generally, most people learn about competent specialists through word of mouth. More often than not, such specialists are not publicly known because they don’t have enough time to devote to publicity due to their large client flow. In addition to being busy with clients, they are constantly learning and expanding their knowledge base. For consultants from God, the end result and the opportunity to help are the most important part of their work; to convey valuable information to the person. But if you got to a charlatan on your hands, you can be certain that it’s not his fault, as your karma has led you straight to him! Either you’re not yet supposed to find out the keys to your destiny and the solutions to your problems or your Soul hasn’t yet learned all the necessary lessons. Many people experience difficult periods of their lives before seeking the guidance of an astrologer or numerologist. When despair sets in, fate provides a meeting with a specialist! This is the great merit of Guardian Angels!
If something isn’t clear to me in your algorithm’s results, who can I contact?Arrow Icon
You can always contact our specialists, ask a question, and receive a clear answer. You can also order a specialized consultation.
Is Tarot a part of your algorithm?Arrow Icon
Yes, Tarot cards and their meaning formed the basis for the interpretations in some of our algorithms. The centuries-old Tarot wisdom provides the most accurate descriptions regarding the types of people, as well as the essence of all things and events. The basis of our numerological analysis is formed from the characteristics of Taronumerology, which is built on the twenty-two Major Arcana. With the help of our experienced consultants, we interpreted their readings and were able to derive a more accurate system of descriptions that are easily understandable for anyone, even someone that isn’t familiar with esoteric principles.
The algorithms – how are they unique?Arrow Icon
What makes our algorithm unique is the fact that it requires a minimum of personal information about a person: date, time, and place of birth, and their full name. The calculator we have developed takes into account all aspects of data analysis using numerological and astrological methodologies, based on which it provides the user with a detailed report that is written in a simple and easy to understand manner. The algorithm can replace an expensive consultation with a specialist in astrology or numerology. Our online platform allows people who previously could not afford such services to gain valuable knowledge.
What is retrograde?Arrow Icon
Initially, this concept was applied in astronomy in relation to a planet’s movement in the sky. Retrograde motion is a movement in a direction that is opposite to the direction of advancing movement. This term can refer to the direction of rotation of one body around another in its orbit or the rotation of a body around its own axis, as well as to other orbital parameters. In simpler terms, this is a return to the initial starting point. That is, the need to retrace a path that has already been covered. Retrograde in Samsara is a return to the previous stage, where it is necessary to correct the mistakes of a past incarnation and gain important experience. For example, at school, a student who has failed to keep up with the lesson program will stay for a second year. The student will need to retake all the tests, but he already knows what the lessons are in the program, which means it will be easier for him to study.
What is the Code of Samsara?Arrow Icon
Samsara is one of the key concepts in primarily Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The term refers to the process of constant rebirth of the soul, which brings suffering to it. The word "Samsara" was first mentioned in Sanskrit – the ancient literary Indian language – and is directly translated as "cycle", "wandering", or "roaming" and refers to the cycle of birth and death, also known as reincarnation. Samsara follows certain patterns of rebirth. There are 52 Samsara Codes in total, that is, the human Soul lives 52 lives on Earth and reincarnates in different bodies. But there is also a 53rd Code, or Code 0, and those who want to gain more mental energy and experience land on this Code, so that their Soul can rise to a higher level. At each Code of Samsara, a person's Soul accomplishes its inherent karmic tasks, receives a unique experience that accumulates in their mental field, and is then transferred to the next incarnation. This is comparable to going to school, only the responsibility is much greater.
What knowledge can I attain with the help of your algorithm?Arrow Icon
Our detailed reports will provide you with insightful information about your soul, destiny, and relationships with others. They will also suggest how to improve your life, get out of a karmic loop, and discover your talents. You will find out which areas of life you can easily succeed in and during which periods you need to be more careful by receiving an assessment of all the risks and opportunities that are available to you, as well as all the keys to managing your life.
Who creates the forecasts?Arrow Icon
They are compiled using a unique algorithm that involves entering your date of birth and the forecast period into a calculator. The reports are based on several numerology disciplines, Taronumerology and BaZi. How this happens: a mathematically accurate calculator establishes, based on your date of birth, the corresponding numbers, and signs based on BaZi principles, which our algorithm interprets and translates into a text that is understandable and accessible to a common user. The principle is similar to text recognition or an automatic translator. This method allows the prediction of events with an accuracy of 95 to 100%.
Why should I trust you?Arrow Icon
Our algorithms utilize the most accurate numerological and astrological techniques – knowledge that is over two thousand years old. This information has not only been tested not by time, but also by our practical experience, as well as the experience of our partners who are masters of numerology and astrology.